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Features Of Our Sanitary Napkins

Periods with Emara's No Worries

Your Safety is Our Priority

Hygienic Sanitary Pads


No Harmful Chemical Used


Breathable Bottom Layer


Restricts Leakage


100 % Top Cotton & Cottony Layer


Anti - Bacterial Effects


Ultra thin Soft & Dry



The Benefits of Patch Technology

Rethink Vitamins with naturally formulated Vitamin Patches

Enhance your Well-being with Wearable Therapy

☑️ Absorb vitamins safely through the skin ☑️ Slow release for all day (and all night) relief ☑️ Gluten free, non GMO, made in the USA!

☑️ Pain relieving formula built in
☑️ Made with natural menthol to soothe muscles
☑️ Gluten free, non GMO, made in the USA!

Timed release vitamins for all-day relief

Our vitamins are absorbed comfortably through your skin throughout the day so you can experience long-lasting benefits without having to administer more doses.

Made with all-natural ingredients

All of our products are vegan and made with naturally-extracted vitamins and minerals so you can finally treat yourself to a wellness product without fillers.

No pills, no fuss, no problem!

We’re passioinate about offering customers a way to get rid of the pills, which are filled with additives, fillers and synthetics.


Women Wellness Specialize Products

Problems Of Hairs, Nails and Skin

Problems During Day

Problems During Night

Unfeel Mood

ProductsFor Healthy Hair, Nail and Skin

Maya Biotin:
☑️ Healthy Hairs
☑️ Healthy Nails
☑️ Healthy Skin

Mensuration Time During Day

Maya PMS Day:
☑️ Relief Of Cramping
☑️ Relief Of Achings
☑️ Relief Of Tension
☑️ Relief Of Stress
☑️ Relief Of Irritability

Mensuration Time During Night

Maya PMS Night:
☑️ Provides Restfull Sleep
☑️ Relief Of Cramping
☑️ Relief Of Aching
☑️ Relief Of Tension

Product For Mood Control

Maya Mood+:
☑️ Enhances Mood
☑️ Feelings Of Wellbeing

Menstrual Patches

PAIN RELIEF: Menstrual Pain Relief Patches are designed to provide immediate and lasting relief from period cramps. The herbal formula provides pain relief to the muscles and joints of the abdomen, back and legs.
• NATURAL: The patches contain the natural goodness of Menthol and Eucalyptus oil which are known to ease pain, inflammation and gastrointestinal difficulties. Apply on affected areas to experience a calming effect.
• UP TO 12 HOUR ACTION: Apply the patch discreetly on your skin to bid goodbye to menstrual pain for up to 12 hours. It provides sustained medicine release for 12 hours, unlike the analgesic sprays, creams or ointments which require re-application every 3-4 hours.
• NO CHEMICAL ACTIVES: Made from 100% plant-based sources, these patches contain no chemical actives. 
• DISCREET: These patches are very thin and easy to apply. In addition to this, the patch doesn’t leave any marks on clothes. So, just wear it under your clothes on social outings or even to the office and have a relaxed, pain free day!

Hair Removal Spray For Men and Women

Foot Peeling Pack

Easy To Remove Old Skin Just Soak Feet and Wait 1 Hour

☑️ Just put plastic socks on 1 hour, you will see a great effect !
☑️Begins to be peeled keratin a week later !
☑️ Let’s make a fresh start in life with soft sole of your foot !

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Asma UnnisaAsma Unnisa
07:44 05 Sep 21
Very easy to use safe and hygienic women friendly
neelu zohaneelu zoha
05:37 05 Sep 21
A very good product for female very hygienic and safe 😊😊 I would recommend other women's to have a try
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